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You deserve to receive the best customer service of your life!

It's about time you found a graphic design studio that finally listens to what you want, instead of telling you what someone thinks you want to hear. I assume you are visiting because you're looking for outstanding design work, right? Well, before doing anything else, bookmark this site, go grab a cup of Joe, relax and sit down to read more about who Red Gremlin Design Studio is.


My name is Max, and I have a passion for the creative arts. For over twenty-five years, I've been involved in all facets of design production...from both sides of the desk. I have served art directors and been one myself. I have been a partner in a professional photography studio, consulted for many years on pre-press and publishing systems, supported numerous designers and used my own skills to bring crazy ideas to reality. When I come to work, I check my ego at the front door… the only opinion that matters is yours!  I'm here to bring your ideas to life, to provide a service which leads to the results that you envision. It's as simple as that. My focus is on the most important person which is you, the client.

Max Smith

B.S.B.A Graduate

Marketing is all about the management of perception. Together, we'll create solutions that will get you noticed, make a positive and lasting impression and generate lots of WOW! Okay, enough about me, from here on, it's ALL ABOUT YOU. . . oh, yes, . . . thanks for visiting,

(Moe the Red Gremlin thanks you too)!

Master's Graduate

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